ClixSense is the world's most popular paid-to-click (PTC) web site. It offers you various of earning ways besides PTC which later on will discuss below. And from the day-long ClixSense has been running a business it earned the trust of its members.


It is an important way of earning by completing surveys in all the income sources of ClixSense. It is possible to earn very well through this. It takes about 10-30 minutes to finish a survey and earns $ 0.35 to $ 5 from each survey. That could be a decent income for many.

CrowdFlower Tasks

CrowdFlower is a micro job system. This is also one of the best ways to earn money from ClickSense. It is a good source of income for Bangladesh, India, Philippines and such a country. With CrowdFlower you can earn enough money.


ClixSense offers vary different offers from different sources for the customers. Generally, I like TrialPay offers. Through these offers, you can earn money by downloading applications, playing games or by completing a simple survey. But these offers are limited. To do these things you will get ClixCents. And 100 clixcents = 1 dollar. It will automatically turn into USD if it is 100 ClixCents.


ClixGrid is a lottery game. In that game, you will be given 20 opportunities and you can get $ 0.01- $ 10 There is a box shape for this game. Many of which have quadrangular houses. You can click anywhere you want. If you win the clicked ad, if you win, the amount of money won will be added to your balance. There are 20 opportunities per day.

ClixSense Bonus

As a free subscriber, you get a 7% bonus every day. That means if you can earn $ 1 by clicking on ads, completing surveys or by doing jobs, your income will be $ 1.07. And bonus for premium members is 16%. So it's a special advantage of ClixSense.

ClixSense Payment Methods

PayPal, PayToo, Tango Card, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, and Cheque (for USA only) can be used to withdraw money from ClixSense.

How to open an account?

Its very easy to create an account at ClixSense. Just click here and you will see a sign-up form there just like below

Then fill out the form, click the Join Now button. After that, a mail will be sent to your mail. Open the mail and click on the Verify link to activate the account.

After that you can start working by logging in. Work processes are very simple. If you have a good sense of internet browsing, you can easily do paid-to-click tasks.