The World's Famous Term of the Internet: Google Ranking Factor, if Google Announces it Officially, then everyone will be able to do this. But Google has not officially given any list. All Blogger and business owner want to see their product at # 1 position in SERP (Search Engine Page Result), due to this, they do follow SEO Tutorial.

Google Ranking Factor

Top 10 Ranking Factor

Google has not officially shared any information about this rank factor yet. But if you also work for a few days in the SEO field, you will understand how Google sees a link in # 1. In today's post, we will learn about this same SEO Optimization.

Today the number of websites, blogs and bloggers is increasing day by day. All businessmen are six to do their business online. Bloggers want to earn money online. Some people are supporting the Website for Personal Profile. Some are making a professional online resume.
When one is reached by successive success stairs, then some attitudes arise within it. He does not have time. Her friends say you have changed. Its main reason is to get responsibility for success, which has to be given more time than ever before. Perhaps you have understood what I am saying.

Today is Google Number #1 Search Engine in Date. Many people are associated with Trust, which they do not want to break. But on the other hand, everyone wants to appear on top. For this reason, some parameters were fixed, now whoever meets the parameter will be the number 1.
There are more than 200 Trillion Web Pages Saved in Google's database so far. Search Engine checks more than 200 Factors. But I will tell about the most popular Top 10 Google Ranking Factor here.

1. Keyword in Domain Name

  • If the Top Level Domain Name contains the keyword.
  • Have a Keyword in Subdomain.
  • Country Level Domain Extension = Country level Ranking Factor.
  • Domain Age and Whois Record Private Vs Public.

2. Well Designed Website or Blog

  • Clean and attractive design is important for website ranking.
  • Who does not like the coolest showroom and decorative walls with floor lighting.
  • The online store should also be the same.

3. Mobile Responsive

  • Google has clearly stated in New Update that the Website's Mobile Optimized is very important.
  • Mobile Responsive means the layout of the website is changed according to the layout screen.
  • About 65% are Internet User Mobile Users. So it is very important to have Website Mobile Optimized.

4. Keyword in Post

  • Use keyword in Blog Post Title
  • Visitors and search engines both appear before the post title.
  • Try writing Blog Post Title from Keyword itself.
  • Top ranking keywords are highlighted by post title filter in search engine. Which means website Ranking is decided.
  • Use Keyword in the Description Tag.
  • Use Keyword in the URL too.
  • If you are using keywords in the post, try using keywords in the post title too.
  • Keyword Density is the number of times Keyword used in the Post. Google Employee told Google Search Convention that Google has no meaning with Keyword density. But if a Word is used multiple times it is considered spam.
  • Density of Main Keyword should be maximum 4%.
  • In many places in the post, Heading and Subheading are used. It is better to keep these headings in an order. H1 to H6 Use in Keyword Bold or Italic font.

5. Sitemap

  • Sitemap is very important to connect a website to Google Algorithm.
  • Basically it is a file, in which the list of all the pages of the website is listed.
  • Sitemap file is submitted to Google Webmaster.
  • Blog / Website's sitemap address

6. Domain Authority and Page Authority

  • The short form of Domain Authority is DA. PA's full form is Page Authority.
  • It is very important for DA and PA to be good for SERP rank.
  • Until a few years ago, SERP Position was determined by google pagerank. But now it was done with DA and PA.
  • Backlink and On Page SEO improvements are essential for DA and PA Improve.

7. Page speed of Blog

  • Time, death and customer does not wait for anyone.
  • Visitors have many options. So check website load time from website speed test.
  • Recently google has also launched google page speedtool.
  • There are also many site speed test tools available besides google page speed. The most popular among all is Pingdom tools. With the help of this can also test website speed.
  • The SERP Ranking is as good as the Page Speed.

8. Content Length & Quality

  • About Content Length, many blogs have a minimum 700 to 800 word post.
  • That's right. But if the content is unique and quality content and it is understood in 500 words it will also work.

9. Avoid Duplicate Content

  • Copy Paste will not do at all.
  • Taking an idea from someone's post is not wrong, but it is wrong to print a Dito.
  • Making Google fooled is not that easy.
  • Use Canonical Tag to avoid internal duplicate content.

10. Provide Useful Content

  • Content is King
  • Overall content is everything.
  • Try writing High Quality and Unique Content.
  • User is always looking for quality and quality.
  • Do not write things down in post to increase post length.
  • While writing the post, just keep in mind the User, not the search engine. Since there is no Search Engine Reader.
  • Reader Happy, Search Engine Happy.

Other Important Factors

  • Backlink plays a big role in Search Engine Optimization. The more quality backlinks you get the higher chances to get in top.
  • Use Social Media Eg. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  • Use relevant images and Videos in post.
  • Update content Regularly.
  • Remove Broken Link.
  • SSL Certificate (https).
  • Internal Linking.
  • Use Microformats.
  • Google Business.

I hope you have liked this publication and can be ranked by following the SERP. If there is anything you want to know about this post, you can contact us through the Comment Box.